_Metallic Foils

HPL with metallic surfaces is today gaining a bigger share of the market than a few years ago. The high value of those laminates requires a careful choice of materials and technology to avoid waste and poor quality.

We provide a wide selection of metallic foils, in sheets or rolls, in different surface finishing and colors:

_Lacquered Mat
_Anodized Glossy
_Lacquered Brush Finish, silver, gold, copper, stainless steel...
_Printed designs
_Magnetic foil

Surfaces are supplied with a wide variety of anti-wear and chemical-resistant grades. Most of our products are back-coated with primers for phenolic and melamine resin bonding. If the aluminium is not pre-glued, we supply the specific bonding film in order to stick the metallic sheets to the phenolic Kraft paper.