Know-how and technology transfer

We are not just traders!
Through our commercial services, covering assistance in delivery, documentation and customs operations, our target is to equip our customers with all they need to improve their quality standards and lower their production costs.
For example, we transfer know-how to achieve international standards or to introduce innovative products in your range by applying new technologies to your existing plant or to just change the perspective with Lamidry…


Our technicians can provide our customers with all the technical information and technology to produce high - and stable - quality laminates, including:
  • Resin receipts
  • Training for impregnation technology: waste reduction, increase of impregnation speed, adjusting of all parameters
  • Optimization of pressing cycles and impregnation to achieve highest productivity

  • Full package of assistance and guarantee for postforming grade
  • Full package of assistance and guarantee for CPL production
  • Training for production of high-gloss HPL, metallic laminates
  • Full package of assistance and guarantee for Melamine Paper and Finish Foil production including: resin preparation, impregnation, gluing and pressing.

Based on a newly developed Urea Formaldehyde resin formulation and pressing cycle, which minimizes moisture absorption and gives good flexibility to the final product.

Implementing wet-on-wet application of solid particles, or dry scattering, depending on the market requirements.

Dedicated resin formulation, impregnation and pressing parameters.

In every part of the world, the demand for pollution-free products and materials that avoid any dangerous emissions is growing every day. We offer:
  • Survey of existing plant
  • Technical report with required modifications
  • Supply of additional equipment and requested raw materials
  • Assistance in implementation of our know how
  • Guarantee of the final achievements to meet international standards

  • External grade
  • Anti-fire grade
  • Anti-fingerprint deep mat surfaces
  • Chemical resistant surfaces