Longoni Roberto e figli



"Longoni Roberto e figli s.r.l." is an Italian company working in the field of components for the furniture and building industry, particularly plastic decorative laminates (HPL and CPL), particle boards, and panels coated with melamine papers or finish foils.

The staff of "Longoni Roberto e figli s.r.l." has a long and well established experience in planning plants according to a deep knowledge of technologies and machinery, and in selecting the most suitable materials and processes to give the best performance.

  The LRF philosophy is to provide to the customers working in newly industrialised countries with a high rate of growth and limited capitals:
  • the experience of a technical team that has been working in Europe for more than 30 years at the highest technology levels;
  • the know-how for the production of High Pressure Laminates, Low Pressure Laminated Boards, Particle Boards, Continuous Laminates.

The store of technical knowledge acquired in a sophisticated market as the European one, joined to a solid experience made on the developing countries during 15 years allow LRF to offer to the customers proposals of investment in machinery and of purchasing raw materials complying to a basic principle: highest quality at minimum cost.

The structure of "Longoni Roberto e figli s.r.l." is easy and functional, completely independent from specific suppliers but always ready to perceive and pick all the technologic innovations and improvements of the market, even among the new industrialised countries.