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High Pressure Laminating (HPL) plants Continuous Laminates (CPL) lines
Short Cycle, finish foil and PVC Laminating plants
Impregnation lines and resin plants
Formaldehyde plants
Particle Board and MDF Board plants
Flooring tiles lines
Postformed Tops and doors
Technical assistance, dismantling, erection, start-up of machinery
Revamping of old plants


Revamping of old plants

Our technical staff can project and implement improvement of performance of old machines providing design, additional equipment, guide to installation or direct implementation.

Typical revamping we are experienced in are:

  • Insert of PLC and Electronic programming
  • Change of hot platens of presses
  • Improvement of thermal exchange systems
  • Centering systems for plates
  • Update of hydraulic units to meet safety requirements
  • Improvement of precision of squaring lines for HPL
  • Raise of the specific pressure of Short Cycle presses
  • Additional equipment to reduce pressure into pistons to make it possible to press smaller size boards
  • Improvement of weight control of raw materials