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High Pressure Laminating (HPL) plants Continuous Laminates (CPL) lines
Short Cycle, finish foil and PVC Laminating plants
Impregnation lines and resin plants
Formaldehyde plants
Particle Board and MDF Board plants
Flooring tiles lines
Postformed Tops and doors
Technical assistance, dismantling, erection, start-up of machinery
Revamping of old plants


Short Cycle, finish foil and PVC Laminating plants

LRF is ready to supply

  • Second hand reconditioned plants
  • Single machinery (new or reconditioned)
  • New plants made by selected companies in India and China following our technical advise and survey

We have designed and installed Short cycle plants in many countries: Greece, Spain, Egypt, India, Pakistan, Mexico, Iran, Perý.

We have an effective experience in all the aspects related to LPL, finish foil and coated panels manufacture. Among our achievements we have dismantled, delivered and re-erected complete presses up to size 2100 x 5600 mm final board size.

The deep knowledge of technology and market requirements makes us an ideal partner to develop new projects or improve capacity and efficiency of existing plants.